Back & Spine Braces

Scientifically-proven spinal support solutions designed for effective pain relief, optimal protection and superior immobilization, to improve your comfort and maximize rehabilitation.
Back & Spine Braces
  • Back Support with side pulls

    Back Support with Side Pulls

    Durable elastic construction with a unique compression molded lumbar pad provides excellent support. The additional side pulls allow for greater support and comfort.

  • Basic Lumbar Support

    Basic Lumbar Support

    The Basic Lumbar Support provides compression for lumbar stabilization. The durable, elastic construction offers side pulls for added support. A Neoprene pocket includes a rigid foam pad for support and lumbar stabilization.

  • ProCare ComfortForm Back Support

    ComfortFORM Back

    Low profile durable elastic construction and molded lumbar compression pad provide comfortable support for the sacrolumbar region of the spine.



    MuscleAidTape utilizes the latest sports medicine taping technology to provide drug-free muscle and joint pain relief. MuscleAidTape provides strong support while increasing blood circulation to facilitate rapid healing.

    6 rolls/box single colour

  • Lumbosacral Support

    Lumbosacral Support

    The Lumbosacral Support is constructed of all elastic with double side panels that provide support for the lumbosacral region.



    low profile, lightweight and breathable mesh design + simple, single-side pull-tab pulley system + provides superior patient-adjustable compression + removable and washable tricot back pad

  • Horizon 627 Lumbar Brace

    Horizon 627 Lumbar Brace

    Horizon 627 Lumbar provides excellent support and stability. Using the widely praised SlickTrack™ tightening system, it creates circumferential compression proven to increase trunk stability for patients recovering from surgery or injury.

  • LordoLoc


    LordoLoc is suitable for use as a back support for the stabilization of the lumbar spine, for example in the event of chronic lumbar vertebral syndrome.

  • Conforstrap Male / Conforstrap Female

    Conforstrap Male / Conforstrap Female

    • Pain relief - Exerting compression helps alleviate pain 
    • Muscle relaxant - Use of hot / cold pack helps relieve tensions 
    • Postural reminder - Proprioceptive effect helps prevent noxious movements 

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