Foot & Ankle Braces

Functional, versatile and cost-effective support solutions that offer improved comfort, protection and stabilization for your foot and ankle.
Foot & Ankle Braces
  • Bunion Aid Plus Replacement Set

    Bunion Aid Replacement Set

    The Bunion Aid Plus Replacement Set, is a replacement kit for the Aircast Bunion Aid.

  • MedSurg Shoe

    MedSurg Shoe

    The MedSurg Shoe provides protection, comfort, and reduces pressure on the forefoot and heel.

  • Post-Op Shoe

    Post-Operative Shoe

    The Post-Operative Shoe is used for post surgical hammer toe, bunionectomy and osteotomies with or without pins.

  • ROM Walker

    ROM Walker

    The ROM Walker is a low-profile designed walker that is recommended for patients withAchilles tendon repairs.

  • VACOcast Pro

    VACOcast Pro

    The VACOcast Pro is a walker that includes range of montion in 5 degree increments to allow for controlled activation of calf muscles to reduce atrophy, while also minimizing ankle joint stiffness and accelerates physical therapy!

  • VACOcast Standard

    VACOcast Standard

    The VACOcast Standard is an adjustable walker that adjusts at the calf, aswell as at the toes to accomodate for longer feet.

  • Pediatric LDK Walker

    Pediatric LDK Walker

    The Pediatric LDK Walker is deisgned for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains. The pediatric sizing provides a durable, more comfortable alternative to casting.

  • LDK Short Air Walker

    LDK Short Air Walker

    The LDK Short Air Walker is designed for metatarsal and forefoot injuries.

  • LDK Air Walker

    LDK Air Walker

    The LDK Air Walker is designed for orthopaedic foot and ankle injuries.

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