New From Corflex, The Lace Align

Corflex has come up with the answer to lower back pain, sprains or strains and spinal stenosis in the form of the brand new Lace Align Spinal Orthosis.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.15.36 AMDesigned to stabilize and decompress the spine in patients recovering from surgery or injury, this innovative brace incorporates the patented Outlast; a hi-tech fabric that provides proactive temperature regulation, managing heat and moisture for all-day comfort.

 How does Outlast work?

Outlast technology delays the onset of sweat, proactively buffering temperature swings to prevent perspiration.  The material absorbs, stores and releases excess body heat to maintain balance, helping the body minimize temperature swings to conserve metabolic energy.

 The Lace Align Spinal Orthosis by Corflex features Power Pull closures; durable molded pull tabs which allow the patient to effortlessly apply and adjust the desired level of compression.

 The Lace Align Spinal Orthosis is available in universal sizing.  Two sizes fit waist circumference ranges of 30-60 inches using the innovative Lift-and-Slide adjustment, so no trimming is required.

Read and see the video here

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