Digitial Measuring for Knee Braces – With VQ OrthoCare

Have you ever wondered what goes into measuring and creating a custom knee brace?

Most methods involve taking various measurements on the leg with tape measures, or using specially designed devices that strap onto the leg to provide precise readings. However, with VQ Orthocare, comes an innovative new technique called eCastTM.

The eCastTM Digitial Measuring System uses the latest advances VQ Ecastin digital photography for better fitting braces. This method has been reported as being just as, or even more accuratewhen compared to traditional measuring systems. VQ OrthoCare has developed a proprietary digital casting system using the latest advances in pattern recognition and image processing. eCast’s custom bracing process is accurate and efficient. It shortens custom brace turnaround time, and allows for precise leg anatomy with its image capture software.OrthoMed is pleased to offer several of VQ Orthocare’s custom braces!

VQThe Catalyst Propel CustomBraceis an excellent option for individuals needing stabilization of the ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, or treatment of combined ligament instabilities. It has been used for protection after surgical repairs and conservative treatment of ligament damage, or deficiency. It may also be used for preventative measures in athletic activities.

This brace utilizes the patented Active Thigh Cuff™,which is a flexible, yet durable dual strap thigh cuff system. With this awesome feature, your knee stays protected and comfortable by moving with the muscles throughout the range of motion. Similarly, this same brace comes as an option for those with Osteoarthritis, who would like support on both sides of the knee: The Catalyst Propel OA Custom Brace.This version helps to unload pressure off the affected knee joint compartment that is causing the pain, to provide lasting relief.

The OActive 2 Custom Brace is a great option for those VQlooking to optimize pain relief due to Osteoarthritis. The frame and hinge are applied on the outside of the leg, which corrects for either medial or lateral compartment OA, and avoids the other leg rubbing up against the brace. It helps to unload the arthritic part of the join, onto the healthy part of the joint. This means that you can wear two of these without any issue! If you’re looking for options during long waits for surgeries, and wanting to reduce your pain, an unloading brace may be what you’re looking for!

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