• COVID-19 – We Remain Open

    OrthoMed is committed to providing safe service for our customers and staff. As always, our online store is open 24 x 7 at As well we have extended our live online support to include evenings and weekends for all of Canada. Our head office in Kitchener, which is not open to the public, remains open. Our […]

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  • Ulnar Nerve

    Ulnar Neuropathy (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome)

    Many people are familiar with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, where pressure on the carpal tunnel on the underside of the wrist causes pain, tingling, or numbness in the thumb, the two fingers next to it, and part of the palm. There is also a similar condition that can take place on the other side of the […]

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  • VQ Ecast

    Digitial Measuring for Knee Braces – With VQ OrthoCare

    Have you ever wondered what goes into measuring and creating a custom knee brace? Most methods involve taking various measurements on the leg with tape measures, or using specially designed devices that strap onto the leg to provide precise readings. However, with VQ Orthocare, comes an innovative new technique called eCastTM. The eCastTM Digitial Measuring […]

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  • OrthoMed Canada DonJoy Defiance


    BeHappy BeFree BeBarelli  Living in the Sea-to-Sky area in the West Coast of British Columbia, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know of Professional Mountain Biker – Yoann Barelli. In the mountain biking world, he is well-known as the fun-loving, motivating guy who just wants to keep everyone smiling and riding their bikes.    “BeHappy BeFree BeBarelli” is the tag […]

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