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  • AnkleBraceLock

    Ankle Brace Lock

    The ABL is ideal for mild to moderate inversion and eversion injuries and chronic ankle instabilities.

  • laceupankle

    Lace Up Ankle

    The Lace Up ankle brace provides superior inversion and eversion control without compromising comfort.

  • hex

    HEX Elbow Brace

    The HEX Elbow Brace controls range of motion and protects against hyperextension, making it the ideal brace for use during high-level activities.

  • elbowstrap

    Tennis Elbow Strap

    Padded forearm band provides focused compression to relieve pain caused by tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

  • stabilizer

    Shoulder Stabilizer

    Breg’s Shoulder Stabilizer is a functional shoulder support designed to limit abduction and external rotation without sacrificing function.

  • Patellar Tendon Strap

    Patellar Tendon Strap

    The Patella Tendon Strap provides pain relief from chronic inflammation resulting from patellar tendonitis.

  • Intel-Flo Knee ad shown with optional Polar dressing/barrier

    Breg Intelli-Flo Knee Pad for the Kodiak

    These revolutionary pads offer hassle-free temperature regulation specific to each treatment area, allowing for consistent cold delivery. For use with the Polar Care Kodiak unit.

  • Thumbster


    The Thumbster is a lightweight, low profile universal thumb support.

  • Wrist Pro

    Wrist Pro

    The Wrist Pro is available in 8” version. It is constructed of lightweight, durable foam laminate, and it contains a preformed, removable, malleable palmar stay that supports the wrist.

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