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  • Brand: MedSpec

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  • MedSpec Compressor

    Medspec Compressor Wrist Support

    The Compressor™ wrist support provides excellent comfort and compression along the carpal region. The patented strap retention system on the end of the Compressor strap allows for ease of application.

  • 8" Wrist Support

    MedSpec V-Strap - Wrist Support

    When you want to provide your patients with the immobilization they need and the easy application and comfort they demand in order to be compliant, prescribe the new V-Strap Wrist Support

  • CMCcare Thumb Brace

    CMCcare Thumb Brace

    The CMCcare is designed for optimum support of the thumb saddle joint and positions the metacarpal of the thumb in a stable, functional position with a good grip function.

  • MedSpec Back-n-Black Back Support

    MedSpec Back-n-Black Back Support

    The patented design features of the Back-n-Black provide you with the support and comfort you need in the treatment of lumbar spine related disorders.

  • 12" Gripper Knee Brace

    MedSpec The Gripper Hinged Knee Brace

    Gripper hinged knee brace provides stabilization to the middle and sides of your knee without slipping down.

  • MedSpec Patellovator Knee Orthosis Strap

    MedSpec Patellovator Knee Orthosis Strap

    Beneficial in treating the following diseases or injuries: Patellar tendonitis (Jumpers Knee), Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, Chondromalacia of the Patella (Runner's Knee).

  • Dynatrack

    MedSpec Dynatrack Plus Patella Stabilizer

    The Dynatrack Patella stabilizer brace will support your recovery every step of the way. MedSpec has created a patented buttress design that applies steady pressure to the knee in any position. Available in Coolflex or Neoprene material.

  • MedSpec Cubital Tunnel Brace

    MedSpec Cubital Tunnel Brace

    The new design features a mesh sleeve for easier application and improved comfort while still offering a low-profile adjustable angle night splint that comfortably holds the elbow in a neutral position to reduce tension and pressure on the ulnar nerve.

  • MedSpec Suede Thumb Support

    MedSpec Suede Thumb Support

    The MedSpec Suede Thumb Support is an easily applied thumb support, arthritis, tendinitis, or deQuervain's syndrome.

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