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Partner Program

Who is the Partner Program for?

  • Healthcare professionals, Personal Trainers, or health care related retail stores who work with clients that may benefit from an orhopaedic brace or support
  • Interested in offering orthopaedic bracing products to clients
  • What to take advantage of the catalogue of products, advice and expertise of OrthoMed in providing the best product for clients

Who is the program not designed for?

  • Healthcare professionals or health care related stores wishing to stock their own product and sell direclty to their customers
  • Registered Health Professionals who's Professional College does not permit consultation fees paid by third parties

How does it work?

  • Register with the OrthoMed Partner Program
  • You identify that your client may benefit from one of OrthoMed's products or services
  • Refer your client or customer to OrthoMed, and provide your customer with your unique Partner Program code to track the order
  • Recieve a consultation fee each month based on a percentage of items purchased by your customers
  • Consultation fees start at 12% of the gross bilings each month. For example, if your clients purhcase $1,000 of products in the month, your consultaiton fee is $120 for that month. 
  • Payment is made by cheque each month directly to you.

What is the Consultation Fee?

  • The Consultation Fee is not a comission payment
  • We are working jointly with you to provide care to clients
  • The Consultation Fee is compensation to you for your time, advice and involvement in the care delivered to the client 
  • If you're registered with a Professional College please consult with them about your ability to particpate in program like this

What are the benefits for my clients and myself?

  • OrthoMed has been in the Orhtopaedic bracing and support industry for many years and we've noticed something....
  • We've noticed many health professionals, clinics and personal trainers would like to participate in supporting their clients with bracing. They have the knowledge to assist their client, but they don't have the expertise in bracing, the resources, or time needed to offer a full service Orthopaedic bracing store
  • The solution is the OrthoMed Partner Program. You can work with a trusted partner to assist your clients, and you are compensated for your particpation without the financial and time investment of managing a full catalogue Orthopaedic bracing store.