Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy
  • Universal Wrap-On Pad

    DonJoy IceMan Wrap-On Pads

    Wrap-On Pads are designed with a hook engageable material and come with a wrap to secure the cold pad around the affected area.

  • Cold Rush Pad. All Pads Include Velcro Straps

    Ossur Cold Rush Pads - Cold Therapy

    The Ossur Cold Rush Pads for the Cold Rush Cold Therapy Therapy System.

  • Aircast® Cryo/Cuff Pads

    Aircast® Cryo/Cuff Pads

    The Aircast Cryo/Cuff Pads for Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC and gravitational units. Minimizes swelling and pain. Ideal use for chronic/acute pain from post-op and sports injuries.

  • Intelli-Flo pads for the Kodiak

    BREG Intelli-Flo Pads (Polar Care Kodiak)

    These revolutionary pads offer hassle-free temperature regulation specific to each treatment area, allowing for consistent cold delivery. Intelli-Flo Pads are only compatible with the Breg Kodiak unit.

  • MultiUse

    BREG WrapOn Pads (Polar Cube)

    The ergonomic design of the WrapOn Pads provides exceptional coverage and patient comfort.

    WrapOn Pads are only compatible with the Breg Polar Care Glacier, Cube, and Cub.

  • Universal Pad


    VPULSE helps patients achieve complete, comfortable recoveries through delivery of motorized cold therapy and compression. If you already have a VPULSE unit and would like to order pads, please select one.

  • Three Sizes Available.  10 5/8 " 18" 32"

    Premium Cold Therapy Pad Replacement Straps

    Premium Cold Therapy Pad Replacement Straps
    Compatible with: Ossur Cold Rush Pads, Breg Kodiak Intelli-Flo Pads, Breg  Wrap-On Pads, DonJoy Wrap On Pads

  • For Dual Pad Treatment

    Iceman Dual Pad Connector

    The Iceman Dual Pad Connector allows for the use of two cold treatment wraps simultaneously and is ideal for patients who may be going through a double joint replacement and want the convenience of not having to rotate pads from one treatment area to another.

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