• AFO Dynamic

    AFO Dynamic

    A strong, lightweight solution for people with varying degrees of foot drop.

  • AFO Light

    AFO Light

    A strong and lightweight solution for people with mild to moderate drop foot.

  • Black Foot Up

    Ossur Foot-Up

    A lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that offers dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints.

  • Plastic Inlay - for use with Foot Up. Sold in Pairs

    Foot-Up Plastic Inlay

    • Plastic inlay fits discreetly between the tongue and laces of the shoe and is practically invisible when worn - For use with the Ossur Foot-Up. Sold in Pairs

  • Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap

    Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap

    Shoeless Wrap Option ( This is the forefoot wrap portion only for use with the Foot-Up support ) The #1 shoeless solution to traditional products.
    Provides toe clearance with each step.
    For use with sandals or barefoot.
    Highly rated for comfort and effectiveness.

  • Navigait


    NAVIGAIT is a new alternative for users with a mild dropfoot. The amount of dorsiflexion is easily adjusted with an elastic coil to accommodate the user’s specific needs.

  • RMI Safe Boot™ II with foot extension

    RMI Safe Boot™ II with foot extension

    Comfortably treats heel ulcers, plantar flexion, ankle alignment, and foot drop
    Due to the complexity of this item please contact us to order , clinicians and patients of clinicians with an order to purchase.
    PRICE $119.00

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