Knee Braces

Non-invasive and economical orthopaedic, ligament, osteoarthritic and post-operative knee braces proven to reduce pain and improve mobility while helping you protect against and recover from debilitating knee injuries.
Knee Braces
  • Form Fit Knee MCL brace

    Form Fit Knee MCL brace

    The Form Fit Knee MCL provides external stability and protection for low to medium contact/impact activities and while recovering from an Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) injury.

  • 12" Gripper Knee Brace

    The Gripper Hinged Knee Brace

    Gripper hinged knee brace provides stabilization to the middle and sides of your knee without slipping down.

  • Rebound Knee Brace Wrap Around Version

    Rebound Knee Brace ROM Hinge

    Every sleeve version of the polycentric hinge brace comes with removable, universal patella buttress to provide patella support whenever needed. The lower straps provide control over the placement of the hinge and reduce migration.

  • Rodisil Closed Patella Knee Brace with Metal Hinges

    Rodisil Closed Patella Knee Brace with Metal Hinges

    Breathable elastic knee support with material made of up to 140 filaments, which provides active compression in 3 dimensions, with closed kneecap and with distal and proximal extremes designed to lighten the pressure preventing excessive compression.

  • DonJoy Playmaker II

    DonJoy Playmaker II

    Even mild ligament strains can bring activity levels to a halt. Playmaker II hinged knee brace provides the stability needed and comfort required to empower movement. Playmaker II is the right move, so get your move on!

  • Playmaker II FourcePoint

    Playmaker II FourcePoint

    Knee injuries can stop you. Preventing injury or re-injury can keep you moving. Playmaker II FourcePoint

  • Black

    Bauerfeind GenuTrain S

    The GenuTrain S active support with lateral joint splints supports the knee joint for indications of slight instability, arthritis or osteoarthritis of the knee.

  • Knee Sleeve w/Hinge

    Target Knee Sleeve with Hinge

    Features sleeve design with heavy duty hinges for optimal medial/lateral support.

  • RoadRunner in Neoprene

    RoadRunner Knee Brace

    The RoadRunner provides superior control and support for ligament injuries and instabilities and may be used for post-op treatment and mild OA. Measures 16” in length.

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