Knee Braces

Non-invasive and economical orthopaedic, ligament, osteoarthritic and post-operative knee braces proven to reduce pain and improve mobility while helping you protect against and recover from debilitating knee injuries.
Knee Braces

    DonJoy Tru-Pull Advanced System

    For symptomatic pain relief of patellofemoral dysfunction including lateral subluxation/dislocation, lateral mal-tracking and patellar tendonitis.

  • DonJoy Hinged Air Brace

    DonJoy Hinged Air Brace

    The DonJoy Hinged Air is designed to treat and ease pain associated with patellofemoral malalignment, chondromalacia and tendonitis plus medial/lateral instabilities and post-operative meniscectomies.

  • OA Nano

    DonJoy OA Nano

    Patients with knee osteoarthritis today have the opportunity to treat their pain and stabilize their knees with non-invasive, non-addictive treatment options. With the launch of OA Nano™, the world’s lightest* knee brace at 14.2 ounces,

  • DonJoy Lateral J Patella Knee Brace

    DonJoy Lateral J Patella Knee Brace

    Stabilizes the kneecap to prevent dislocations and alleviate pain. Unique patented nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric, it allows for improved airflow while still giving ample support and compression.

  • Elastic Knee - Open Patella

    DonJoy Rotulax Elastic Knee

    Provides Support for Patients with Hyperlax Patella

  • OA Adjuster 3

    DonJoy OA Adjuster 3

    The improved OA Adjuster 3 is powered by nano magnesium and reinforced with a tough aluminum frame making it the most durable and functional DonJoy OA knee brace.

  • Defiance OA

    DonJoy OA Defiance

    The DonJoy OA DEFIANCE is a custom, double upright, knee osteoarthritis brace that offers a perfect fit and is ideally suited for active patients.  Custom Made !!! Please contact us before ordering

  • DonJoy OA FullForce Knee Brace

    DonJoy OA FullForce Knee Brace

    The DonJoy OA FullForce is DonJoy’s lightest OA knee brace that off-loads the affected painful compartment of the knee allowing active patients to go more miles with less pain.

  • Armor CI

    DonJoy Armor Standard Hinge - CI

    The DonJoy Armor knee brace is the brace to use if you are an extremely active individual or athlete who suffers from an ACL, MCL, or PCL instability or injury.

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