Wrist & Thumb Braces

Scientifically designed for superior comfort, providing effective compression and support for improvement of hand dexterity.
Wrist & Thumb Braces
  • ManuTrain


    Active support for the wrist.

    In cases of tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon in the wrist), arthritis of the wrist or following injury, ManuTrain takes the strain off your wrist and provide pain relief.

  • ManuLoc


    ManuLoc is a wrist brace which is prescribed for use following diagnosis of irritative conditions of the wrist such as carpal tunnel syndrome or after an operation or other irritation.

  • RhizoLoc

    RhizoLoc Thumb Stabilizer

    Stabilizing orthosis for stabilization of the thumb saddle and first metacarpophalangeal joints.

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