Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy
  • Cold Rush Pad. All Pads Include Velcro Straps

    Ossur Cold Rush Pads - Cold Therapy

    The Ossur Cold Rush Pads for the Cold Rush Cold Therapy Therapy System.

  • Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff Pad

    Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff Pad

    The Aircast Back/Hip/Rib CryoCuff is a universal fit. The versatile design may be applied either to the back, hip, or rib area. Minimizes swelling and pain.
    Indication: Ideal use for chronic/acute pain from post-op and sports injuries.

  • Intelli-Flo pads for the Kodiak

    Intelli-Flo Pads ( Polar Care Kodiak )

    These revolutionary pads offer hassle-free temperature regulation specific to each treatment area, allowing for consistent cold delivery.

  • Universal Pad

    Breg VPULSE Pads

    VPULSE helps patients achieve complete, comfortable recoveries through delivery of motorized cold therapy and compression. If you already have a VPULSE unit and would like to order pads pleease select one.

  • MultiUse

    BREG WRAPON PADS ( Polar Cube )

    The ergonomic design of the WrapOn Pads provides exceptional coverage and patient comfort.

    WrapOn Pads may be used with Polar Care Glacier, Cube, and Cub only.

  • Universal Wrap-On Pad

    IceMan Wrap-On Pads

    Wrap-On Pads are designed with a hook engageable material and come with a wrap to secure the cold pad around the affected area.

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