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    Perhaps you’ve recently had a traumatic injury. Or you’re still recovering from a surgery. Either way, if your joint has been immobilized for a period of time, your range of motion may not quite be what it used to be due to damaged tissues. Without proper rehabilitation, a lot of things in your life are […]

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  • Self Knee Mould Kit

    How it works Custom bracing is a three step process. 1. Leg cast mould The leg mold can be done by us (Area dependent) or by yourself with a helper using our In Home Casting Kit In Home Casting Kit o The casting kit is shipped to you with all the materials and instructions. o […]

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  • The Benefits of Functional Knee Bracing

    Knee bracing has rapidly evolved in past years, with braces becoming more comfortable, highly functional and widely used in sports. Functional knee braces are not only applied in the treatment of injuries, but also as a proactive approach, protecting against injury in the first place. Understanding Knee Anatomy Ligaments are what stabilize and control the […]

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  • Non-Invasive Supportive Therapy for Osteoarthritis

    Fig. #1 – Check out this healthy knee joint X-ray taken while … Today, knee osteoarthritis is the most common form of osteoarthritis, affecting millions of people across North America. For many sufferers of this degenerative disease, medical therapy doesn’t bring effective pain relief and surgery may not be the best treatment approach. Fig #2 […]

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