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Muscle Aid Kinesiology Tape - 6 Pack

Our taping technology treats muscle and joint pain at the source. Providing strong support to muscle structure, kinesiology tapes strengthen and provide relief by focusing blood circulation to certain areas.

Used by Olympic athletes and the officially licenced tape to the NBA and USA Volleyball

6 Single Colour Rolls per Box. 

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MuscleAidTape kinesiology tape employs the latest in sports medicine technologies. The wave-patterned design acts like human muscles with the ability to contract and expand. MuscleAidTape’s flexibility helps synchronize the neuromuscular system back to correct postures, stimulates blood circulation, and proactively offers pain relief. With exceptional air permeability and water resistance, MuscleAidTape lets sweat evaporate, offering you comfort while you move through air or water.

With styles and colors for everyone, MuscleAidTape is a benefit for athletes of all types as well as those struggling with everyday muscle pain. 

  • MuscleAidTape is one of the thinnest and lightest kinesiology tapes on the market. Put it on, and you’ll forget you’re even wearing it, so you can focus on going about your day or your workout with zero distractions.
  • The 100% stretch in MuscleAidTape also helps give you better range of motion.
  • Once applied to clean and dry skin, MuscleAidTape is long-lasting and truly water resistant. You can shower, swim, and sweat with it on for hours.
  • Our exclusive treatment process also allows for less adhesive to be used to make it gentler to the skin while maximizing adhesive power.
  • MuscleAidTape is the official licensee of the NBA as worn by your favorite NBA players.  


Just about anyone who suffers from muscle and joint pain can benefit from using MuscleAidTape. Not just for professional athletes and weekend warriors, those who work standing on their feet or sitting at a desk all day can utilize our feet and lower back taping for relief. Tape up for stiff necks, arthritis, elbows, shoulders, knees, legs, and more! 


6 Single Colour Rolls per Box.   5m x 5cm per roll

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MuscleAidTape™ utilizes the latest sports medicine taping technology to provide drug-free muscle and joint pain relief.

MuscleAidTape provides strong support while increasing blood circulation to facilitate rapid healing.


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