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OrthoMed Rewards

Now you can earn reward points on all of your purchases with OrthoMed!

It's simple. You earn points with every purchase, use your points for 5% off on any item in our store! All you need is a free OrthoMed account. With your account you can also check out faster, keep more than one address, track orders and more.

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Use your points to get discounts on all of the top brands like DonJoy, Bauerfeind, Ossur, and more!

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Earn Points

Earn 100 OM Points for each $50 spent

Use Your Points

Redeem your OM Points any time, on any product, no restrictions. No expiration and no caps!


You earn 100 OM Points for every $50 you spend. Every 100 OM Points redeemed gets you $2.50 off your next order (that's 5% off on every $50 you spend).

Redeem your points on future purchases with OrthoMed on any item.

There's no restrictions including points expiration, redemption thresholds, or balance caps!

Use them whenever you want, and start saving right away on your next purchase with us!

OM Points can't be redeemed for cash.

Don't forget to also join our Preview Club to get a $10 off code.