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Skier's, Gamekeeper's Thumb

Shop thumb braces for sprains, strains, or dislocation of the thumb joint. Treat gamekeeper's and skier's thumb. Reduce pain in the thumb as a result of repetitive use, injury, or fall when playing sports. Thumb braces stabilize the joint and allow the affected ligaments to heal while you continue sports and activities, without fear of reinjury. 
Skier's, Gamekeeper's Thumb

Quick Check: is your pain from skier's or gamekeeper's thumb? Skier's thumb is an acute injury of the soft tissue (ligament) that connects the bones of your thumb together, caused when you fall on an outstretched hand while holding something (like a ski pole). Gamekeeper's thumb is a chronic injury to the UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) from repetitive stress such as using a wrench, twisting electrical cords or wringing out heavy cloths. Need help picking the right thumb brace? ask our Healthcare Team.

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