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Foot Drop (Ankle Foot Orthosis)

Shop our wide range of foot-drop supports. Lightweight ankle/foot orthosis (AFO) offer dynamic support for drop-foot or related disorders that require dorsiflexion support. Quality engineered Foot Wraps, Leaf Spring, Shoeless Wrap, Plastic Inlays, Arch Supports, and Boot designs.

Foot Drop (Ankle Foot Orthosis)
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  1. Ossur Rebound Foot-Up
    Ossur Rebound Foot-Up
  2. Ossur Foot-Up
    Ossur Foot-Up
  3. Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap
    Ossur Foot-Up Shoeless Wrap
  4. Ossur AFO Leaf Spring
    Ossur AFO Leaf Spring
  5. ProCare Super Lite AFO
    ProCare Super Lite AFO
    As low as $86.74
  6. Navigait
    Navigait for Foot Drop
  7. MKO Footflexor
    MKO Footflexor
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