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Rigid & Immobilizing Wrist Braces

Shop wrist braces to immobilize the wrist and entire hand. Restrict stretching, bending, and rotating movements by also stabilizing parts of the forearm. Designs with finger support fixes the long fingers in the outstretched hand or intrinsic plus position. Lightweight, breathable, and easy to put on with one hand. 

Rigid & Immobilizing Wrist Braces

Not sure what brace is right for you? Contact our Healthcare Team and we can provide you with fast professional advice.

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  1. Manumed
    Medi Manumed Wrist Brace
  2. MedSpec Tripod Wrist Brace
    MedSpec Tripod Wrist Brace
  3. 10" formfit
    Ossur 10" Formfit Wrist and Forearm
    As low as $62.93
  4. Formfit Wrist
    Ossur 8" Formfit Wrist
    As low as $61.99
  5. Organic D
    Sporlastic Manu-Cast Organic D
    As low as $175.00
  6. Spectra Wrist
    Ossur Spectra Wrist
  7. Apollo
    BREG Apollo Universal Wrist Brace
    As low as $64.83
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