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Ski & Snowboarding

Top rated Knee Braces for skiing and snowboarding. Increase knee joint stability and reduce pain. Suited for skiers who have instabilities in both knees or skiers who have an injury on one knee and want to prevent the same happening on the other knee. Better fit to increase comfort and flexibility of the knee while protecting it from injury.

Ski & Snowboarding

Why are these braces good for Skiing and Snowboarding? For rigid frame knee braces, we like ones that are durable and fit comfortably with your ski or snowboard boot (braces with a shorter calf portion). With soft knee braces we prefer ones that won't slip down while you're on the hill (with high quality compression knit, and strapping). Need help picking the best knee brace for your winter sports? contact our Healthcare team for fast advice.

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  1. CTi Knee Brace
    Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace
    As low as $950.00
  2. Ossur Rebound Hinged Knee Brace
    Ossur Rebound Hinged Knee Brace
    As low as $121.83
  3. Long 16" version
    Ossur Formfit Sleeve Knee ROM Hinged Brace
    As low as $168.13
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