COMPEX SP 2.0

    Tones your muscles, sculpts your body, helps you relax and recover faster. With all the basic electrostimulation features and Mi technology, SP 2.0 is the ideal partner for athletes who practice their activity once or twice a week. 

  • COMPEX SP 4.0

    COMPEX SP 4.0

    Improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helps you relax and recover faster. Including all the features of SP 2.0, SP 4.0 also offers rehabilitation programs that can be helpful for athletes with frequent injuries who practice their activity 3 times per week.

  • COMPEX SP 6.0

    COMPEX SP 6.0

    Improves your strength and restores muscle volume, helps you relax and recover faster. Designed for athletes who practice their activity more than 3 times per week, SP 6.0 includes all the features of SP 4.0, but with wireless features that ensure total freedom of movement. Its easy-to-use color screen even shows you where to place the electrodes!

  • COMPEX SP 8.0

    COMPEX SP 8.0

    Optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain. Designed for athletes who workout every day, SP 8.0 is the class-leader in terms of electrostimulation. Connectable and modular, SP 8.0 includes the brand new mi-Autorange feature that continually brings you better results.

  • COMPEX FIT 1.0

    COMPEX FIT 1.0

    Sculpts your body, tones your abs and relieves pain.The stimulator for fitness and health fans who practise their activity 1 to 2 times per week. The FIT1.0 is a 4 channel muscle stimulator offering 10 programs in the areas of overall wellness for toning/firming muscles and pain management.

  • COMPEX FIT 3.0

    COMPEX FIT 3.0

    Restores strength and muscle tone while relieving pain. Including all the features of Fit 1.0 and Mi technology, Fit 3.0 also offers massage programs for fitness fans who practise their activity 3 times a week.

  • COMPEX FIT 5.0

    COMPEX FIT 5.0

    Develops your muscles, sculpts your body and helps you relax. Designed for people who workout daily, Fit 5.0 is the ultimate product in the range, as it also includes Compex wireless technology. 

  • REBOUND® Health TENS Device

    Rebound® Health Pain Relief

    Block your Pain and Feel the Relief with Drug-Free Electrotherapy.
    Introducing the REBOUND Health TENS Device.
    Find pain relief in as little as 15 minutes The REBOUND is a TENS unit that is an FDA registered Class II Medical device and is now available without a prescription!

  • Rebound Refill Kit, 6 pads shown

    Rebound Refill Kit -12 pads

    The REBOUND refill packages come with doubles of everything you see in the image. BioMedical Life Systems Inc. recommends replacing the electrode pads once they do not stick well or they have been used for more than 30 days. The REBOUND refill package contains two conductive cable sets (lead wire) and 6 sets of re-useable, latex-free electrode pads (12 individual pads)

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