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ComfiHips Hip Protector

Designed to be the most comfortable hip protector product on the market today, ComfiHips reduces impact to below the hip fracture threshold in up to 87.2% of most lateral falls. Designed for comfort, you can wear ComfiHips thorughout the day and night.

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Around the Clock Comfort

With hip protector pads that weigh less than 25 potato chips, you can wear ComfiHips day or night. They are kept in place in a concealed interior pocket of a specially designed, ultra-soft undergarments. It is hard for anyone to know you are wearing the low profile ComfiHips, yet they decrease your chance of injury should you fall on your hip. ComfiHips are especially recommended for people who are prone to night time falls. The pads naturally conform to the body, allowing for sleeping on your side to be comfortable. 

Designed and Tested by Experts

ComfiHips were designed in conjuction with the Department of Physiology and Kinesiology at the University of Florida, using the most advanced technological testing materials. In clinical studies conducted at the University, approximately 4,496 pounds of force were applied to the pads. The results proved that ComfiHips pads were able to reduce impact to below the hip fracture threshold in up to 87.2% for most lateral falls. 

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Size Chart To determine correct size, measure around the waist at the naval (belly button). Choose the size from the chart. If wearing an incontinent product, after choosing the size at the waist, simply go UP one size in order to fit over the incontinent product.

Recommended for:

  • People with high risk of falling
  • People taking medication that could impair their balance and vision
  • People with neurological challenges that could impair safe walking
  • Osteoporosis sufferers
  • Nursing home and assisted living residents 
  • Patients undergoing rehabilitation
  • Patients with Balance Issues

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Each set comes with 2 undergarments and 2 pads.