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DRYPro Prosthetic Leg Cover

DRYPro Prosthetic Leg Protectors will keep your prosthetic dry during ANY water activity while allowing you the freedom to be yourself. Now you can swim.

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DRYPro Waterproof Prosthetic Leg Cover will keep your prosthetic dry during ANY water activity while allowing you the freedom to be yourself. Our leg cover is very user-friendly and is equipped with a hand pump to ensure a vacuum seal. Once out of the water, insert your finger between the cover and your skin for easy removal. The DRYPro Prosthetic Leg Cover comes with a one year guarantee and may even be covered by your insurance company!

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Tips for after you have your DRYPro Prosthetic Leg Cover

Stretch on the DryPRO Prosthetic Leg Cover over the leg to see how it fits. If the Dry Pro is too tight, you can trim 1/4 in ch along the lines towards the top of the opening and try it on again. Be sure not to trim too much, as a tight seal is needed for the vacuum to work. Stretch the Dry Pro over the prosthetic so the top fits smooth against the skin. Allow some slack as the vacuum will remove the excess material.

If you need help determining what model DRYPro Prosthetic Leg Cover will work best for you or need help in ordering, please do not hesitate to contact our professional staff by phone 1-888-337-9776.

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Enjoy the Water Again

Take a warm bath, relaxing shower or even a refreshing swim. The vacuum seal of DRYPro is so watertight it cannot be pulled off!

Extremely Durable

The DRYPro is made of a high-quality surgical latex material and is guaranteed for a year.

Trim for a Perfect Fit

The DRYPro for Prosthertics can be trimmed at the top making the opening larger for an easier and more comfortable fit.