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epX J Brace

The epX J Brace knee sleeve with an integrated J-shaped insert is designed to treat patellar dislocation.
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Patella dislocation: treat by exerting a centring effect

The epX J Brace Patella knee sleeve with an integrated J-shaped insert is designed to treat patellar dislocation. This support exerts a centring effect on the patella. While the knee is in motion, painful lateral deviation of the patella is effectively prevented by the J-shaped insert, the asymmetrical strap positioning and the two lateral stabilizing stays on each side. This knee support is available in five sizes each for the right and left knee.

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This orthosis can be used for a variety of indications

The knee support is indicated for use in patellar tendinitis, retropatellar pain syndrome, previous patella dislocation and medialization of the patella in patellar dysplasia, and postoperatively, for example after lateral release surgery. It is also used for patellar dislocation caused by injury or disposition and is used for conservative posttraumatic care.

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epX is a high performance alternative to neoprene.

  • Lightweight
  • Thin
  • Breathable
  • More Comfortable 
  • Waterproof
  • Highly Compressive & Supportive
  • Visually Attractive
  • knee support with integrated J-shaped insert, asymmetrical strap positioning and two lateral stabilizing stays
  • has a centring effect an the patella