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New to OrthoMed – M-BRACE

OrthoMed has added the M-Brace orthopaedic bracing line from Italy to our collection!

2 months ago

Treat these Common Knee Conditions with a Brace Designed to Keep You Moving

Orthomed offers a variey of knee braces and supports designed to reduce pain, provide support, and allow you to keep moving. A properly selected knee brace can help you manage a wide range of issues such as patellar tendonitis, runner's knee, and bursitis.

3 months ago

Tennis Elbow & Golfer's Elbow – What is the Difference?

With the weather getting warmer, and people beginning to return to summer-time activities, overuse injuries tend to appear. Repetitive strains are a common result of many recreational activities, two of the most popular being Tennis elbow and Golfer's Elbow. However, many people confuse these two painful disorders.

7 months ago

COMPEX Muscle Stimulation – All These Devices Look the Same, What's the Difference?

One popular category is electro-stimulation, this includes TENS- transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and EMS - electrical muscle stimulation. TENS machines generally stimulate the nerves exclusively for the purpose of relieving pain, whereas EMS machines are designed to stimulate the muscles for the purposes of strengthening and rehabilitating them, but there's also some pain management effect as well. 

9 months ago

Trigger Finger – Causes and Options for Treatment

Trigger finger is a painful and uncomfortable condition that causes a feeling of locking, or catching, when bending or straightening the finger. The finger may get stuck in a bent position, or bend/straighten with a snapping sensation. If more severe, the finger can get stuck in the bent position. This condition is also known as “stenosing tenosynovitis”.

10 months ago