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Ossur Cold Rush Shoulder Pad Small

The Cold Rush Pads for the Cold Rush Therapy System

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The Cold Rush Pads are designed to deliver continuous cold therapy to the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, back or hand. The unique, unbroken loop covering on the top portion of our Cold Rush Pads allows for use without foam wraps. Simply use the elastic straps to secure the Cold Rush in place. The patient can utilize the pad under post-operative bracing systems.

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Size by weight, fits 190 lbs and less

Indications for Use

The Cold Rush Cold Therapy System provides an effective and soothing treatment for reducing post-operative pain and swelling. Well suited for hospital, home or portable use, the Cold Rush Cold Therapy System helps return patients to normal activity faster by providing cooling relief throughout the healing and recovery process.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WARNING: The Cold Rush® cold therapy system can be cold enough to seriously injure skin. Read the instructions which are located inside the unit, the instructions for the pad, and the labels on the device carefully before operating the Cold Rush cold therapy system. 

INTENDED USE AND INDICATIONS • Provides cold therapy • Indications requiring the application of cold therapy to a joint or limb such as post-surgical, trauma pain, and swelling 

CONTRAINDICATIONS The Cold Rush Compact Cold Therapy Device should not be used on patients with the following conditions: • History of cold-related injury or adverse reactions to cold therapy; • Unconsciousness or incoherence due to general anesthesia, sedation or coma; • Impairment of circulation or potential impairment of healing in the treatment area, including infection; • Circulatory disease, including Reynaud’s disease, Burger’s disease, peripheral vascular disease, vasospastic disorders, sickle cell anemia, or hypercoagulable clotting disorders; or • Polyneuropathy or other nerve damage

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