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Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx

Stabilizes and protects the ankle during sports, after a sprain or chronic instability. Remarkably low profile, fits in a soccer shoe.
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The PUSH Sports Ankle Brace Kicx is designed for return to sports after an ankle ligament injury or to prevent recurring ankle injury in an unstable joint. This brace is very low profile, has no laces and was made to fit into a cleated shoe. The brace provides comfortable pressure around the ankle, while leaving the instep and forefoot free to perform. The materials are thin and breathable, offering maximum comfort. The PUSH Sports Kicx, with its innovative design and materials, offers the best possible protection from ankle sprains during sports.


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Size Chart

The Push Sports Ankle Brace Kicx is available in three sizes, and in right and left versions. Select the right brace size on the basis of the circumference of your instep and your shoe size.


     Women's Shoe size:  6.5- 9.5                    Men's Shoe size: 5- 8                       Instep: 28-32 cm


     Women's Shoe size: 9.5 - 13                     Men's Shoe size: 7 - 12                    Instep:  32-35 cm


     Women's Shoe size: 12 +                          Men's Shoe size: 10 - 15                  Instep: 35-39 cm

Applying the Brace

1. Open the three hook and loop fasteners and pull the brace over the foot. The heel section of the brace needs to fit snugly around the heel. Ensure the entire elastic base fits closely against the foot and is not twisted.

2. Place the foot at a 90 degree angle and put the stiffener on the inside of the ankle in the correct position behind the malleolus (ankle bone) by tightening and fastening the small strap with the single blue mark. Note: The stiffener should not touch the malleolus.

3. Then tighten and fasten the small strap with the two blue marks.

4. Fasten the elastic strap to desired tightness around the ankle.

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Indications for Use:

  • To prevent recurring inversion trauma
  • In the event of ankle instability

Matching Sports:

  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Skiing
  • Basketball
  • Korfball
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Running