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How Does an Online Store Do Custom Knee Braces?

How Does an Online Store Do Custom Knee Braces?
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OrthoMed is Canada's Online Brace Store, and you may be thinking, can an "online" company provide custom knee brace services?

Orthomed Customer

The answer is absolutely yes.

Orthomed has been offering custom knee brace services since day one (20 years!). In fact, it is where we started. In addition to our industry leading ecommerce store we also have brace specialists in many cities across Canada who can visit you in person.

Every day across Canada we help clients find the best orthopaedic product to fit their unique condition and budget. From osteoarthritis, to ligament issues, and other common knee conditions. We have you covered!

Every day across Canada we help clients find the best orthopaedic product to fit their unique condition and budget. 

With our off the shelf products we are able to provide you with fast quality advice over chat, phone, or video.

  • Our staff does a brief assessment with you to understand your medical history, lifestyle, and goals so we can narrow down your product options.
  • With a few measurements (that you can do with a simple tape measure) we can then determine what size is best for you.
  • You place your order and we ship your brace or support to you (with fast free delivery).
  • Once you receive your brace if it doesn't seem like it is right for you we can help you find another option from our catalogue, or if it's the wrong size, you simply let us know and we do a fast size exchange. The best part, we pay for the return shipping for returns and size exchanges! it's that simple.

With custom knee braces, we have several options. We have brace specialists located in many of the major cities across Canada. 

  • Our client services team will first conduct a brief assessment discussion with you to determine if a custom brace is the most appropriate option for you. We also help you determine if you have insurance coverage and we will assist you with any pre-approval documentation that may be required. 
  • If a custom knee brace is appropriate for you we will then connect you with an Orthomed brace specialist who is closest to your location (home or work). The brace specialist will meet with you in person to answer questions, measure you and show you samples.
  • We are also able to provide virtual bracing services. We start with the same assessment of your condition and needs (this is typically done by phone or video). We also show you samples (virtually).
  • Once we've narrowed down your options we will ship you an Orthomed measuring kit. Our brace specialist will then guide you through the measurement process.
  • Whether you see us in-person or virtually, once we have your measurements, your brace is fabricated and is shipped to you in about two weeks.
  • Our brace specialist then follows up with you to talk about fit, adjustments, and to teach you about how to use the brace properly.
  • Best of all, our custom braces come with great after sales support and a lifetime guarantee. If you need anything, you simply contact us and we will look after it. You will only ever pay for parts that are related to wear and tear. 

So, now that you know how we do knee bracing, why would you choose Orthomed for a custom knee brace?

Here is why we think you should choose us: 

  1. Knee bracing and supports is all that we do. Anyone that you speak with (or online chat with) at Orthomed has a background in health care. All of our staff have education in Kinesiology, Orthopaedic Technology, Physical Therapy or similar. Learn more. 
  2. We work with all of the top manufacturers (DonJoy, Ossur, Bauerfeind, VQ Orthocare, BREG, and more) so we can select the absolute best brace for your condition and anatomy.
  3. We actually care and want our products to help you. Orthomed will not encourage you to buy a product if you don't need it.
  4. Our pricing is very competitive 
  5. Industry best policies
  6. Lifetime warranty!

If you are in need of a custom knee brace Book a Free Consultation Now, or if you require any other orthopaedic support contact our Kinesiology team for free advice

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